Treble Clef Wire Ring Tutorial

Hello! I saw this Treble Clef ring on Instagram, and I thought it was cool. I figured I would make a tutorial since I was going to make a second ring anyway.

I used an 11 cm (about 4 inches) piece of wire, but it was barley enough for me. I also have small fingers. My ring size is a little smaller than US size 5.. A little thicker than a the thickest part of a Sharpie. So I suggest cutting maybe 15 cm/6 inches. Or cut more if you don’t mind having extra. It’s better to have too much than not have enough and restart.

20121226_000124First tightly wind the end a few times.


Then make a loop like so. The length of the wire before the loop is approximately 2 cm for me. If I’m confusing, then just look at the pictures because it’s probably just easier that way.20121225_225243

Then wrap it around your finger. Wrap it comfortably. 20121225_225629

With the remaining wire, start winding it, but wind it loosely. 20121225_225827

keep winding it until it’s like this. If the wire is too long, just cut it. 20121225_230247

Now adjust it so that the Treble is flat and like this:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

  1. Storm Heselschwerdt said:

    This is a really really good tutorial ^_^ I love it and the ring sooo sooo much!!
    thanks for posting this!!!

    • Karen said:

      No Problem! Thanks for the feedback!!

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